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Warhorse training is a combination of football and basketball drills which consist of pulling and pushing, but the KEY is the SAND. Doing all of these different exercises on an unstable surface provides strength to the smaller muscles that are being neglected and can become injured as we get older.  (Expecting at our new facility by the end of October 2015)

Sand is constantly shifting and changing, demanding various muscles in the body to come into play that might not normally engage on a pavement or gym floor workout. Running in the sand is also kinder on the joints because there is less impact on the body and requires your body to move through a full range of motion, which stretches your muscles. You will burn up to 1.6 times as many calories for that extra effort. Sand develops the arch strength in your foot, the calves, and all the muscles below the knee. It also develops the quads, which are enhanced from pulling sleds & tipping tires.